[Invitation of Papers for 2021 Autumn Symposium of Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout]

Call for Papers!

Every themes regarding Chinese Nuclear Power Plant and Safety

Deadline: October 25, 2021

Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout invites research papers in order to encourage academic research regarding problems of Chines nuclear power plant, nuclear phaseout, and nuclear safety etc. The research paper selected by screening committee will be awarded fixed amount of money, and presented at autumn symposium scheduled on November 12, 2021. We call for attention and participation of many researchers, home and abroad, who are interested in Chinese nuclear phaseout.

Awards for selected papers:
Best paper(one: 1,000,000won)
Good paper(two: 500,000won),
Encouragement paper(three: 300,000won)

Deadline for Application: October 25, 2021
Reception: Chinese Committee of Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout
(Prof. Namseok Ha of Seoul City University, nanxi95@uos.ac.kr 010-2353-8056)

Announcement of Selection Result: November 5, 2021
The presentation of research papers of awardee: Nov. 12 (Friday) 2~4 p.m.
Papers written in English, Chinese, Japanese are acceptable.
Foreigners are welcome.
For more information, see homepage of society. https://kpostnuclear.org


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